What are some of the most expensive watches?

A watch is not just an accessory that people use to keep time but it also speaks a lot on someone’s value, dreams and status. There are so many brands of watches and each one of them has its own strength and weakness. But have you ever asked yourself what are the most expensive brands of watches in the world? In this article, we a have complied a list of top 4 most expensive watch brands in the world with prices ranging from a couple of thousands to over 1 million dollars for just one piece. These brand of watches actually features use of finest materials that the market has to offer, extremely delicate working mechanism, high grade gemstones all of which have been put together by expert hands.

4. Piaget

Piaget is one of the most renowned watch brands in the world. It is known to make high end watches that are usually worn by eminent people around the world. Watches from this brand usually range from $10,000 to $152,000. The price range usually vary depending on the quality of material that the watch has been made with. For instance, watches that uses sophisticated mechanism and loaded with gems and internal structure crusted in gold or diamond are usually more costly.

3. Roger Dubuis

You can never fail to notice someone who has worn a watch on his wrist that is from this brand. There watches are not only unique but they are also very expensive. Founded by Roger and Carlos Dubuis, this giant Swiss watchmaker has proved to the world that they are indeed a power house when it comes to manufacturing high end watches. If you are thinking of owning one of this watches, then you must be prepared to part ways with price range that varies between $11,000 to 156,000. There are some exquisite watches from this brand that even cost more than that. A good example is the Millesime Double Flying Tourbillion that are only produced on request. This amazing piece of watch can actually cost you more than $270,000. The company also entered the list of brands that produces million dollar watches with the new time piece known as Excalibur Quatuor that has been made entirely out of silicon costing over $1,100,000.

2. Patek Philippe

Founded in 1851, in Geneva, this brand is actually considered by many experts as one of the most prestigious watchmaker in the world. They brag as being the brand that supplies watches to queen Victoria since the inception. There watches use one of the most complicated mechanism and one of their watches can you $10,000 to $780,000. This brand has made some of the world’s most expensive watches with timepiece such as Henry Graves Supercomplication being sold in 2014 at a price of 24 million dollars.

1. Lange and Shone

This is not only one of the oldest brands in the watch industry but there watches are probably the most expensive on the market today. This giant watch brand from Germany has produced high-end watches that can cost you anywhere between $14,000 up to 1 million dollar. For example, the Grand Complication Watch which was unveiled in 2013 was actually priced at $2,497,000 and plenty of amazing features that you wouldn’t find in any other watch.




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