How to Maintain Your Watches

Designer watches are the same with other precious jewelry. They need proper care and maintenance to keep in good condition. How much care you have given to your designer watch will directly influence the life expectancy of your watch. But different kind of designer watch, you have to pay difference attentions on them since the guidelines and usage are varying.

Firstly, store your designer watches in places clean and without dust, assure that you will put some drying agents in those locations. Keep your designer watch away from magnets and other chemical solvents. Do not put your watch in extremely hot or cold places.

Wearers of the automatic designer watch should make sure that your watch at least should be worn for ten hours a day, which can make sure the accuracy. If you couldn’t meet that requirement, then, you had better choose quartz watches that only need the battery replacement, and it is capable of keeping high accuracy.

As the group varies, there are different kinds of watches to suit them. For a healthy person, they need to choose sports watches with high water resistance and excellent shatter-proof functions. If the watch isn’t made to withstand that particular circumstance, the continuous motion may affect the general role of the observations.

For watches with a leather band, they should get far away from the water point as possible. Even though some watches characterized as waterproof, you should never wear it when taking a bath, going swimming or something like that.

The quartz watches need to change batteries. If you want to do it by yourself, make sure you wouldn’t damage it or scratch it. Otherwise, you should hand over to the authorized watch shops. Additionally, never replace your designer watch with batteries which are in a bad quality for that will affect the normal function and performance of the watch.

In daily wear, make sure you can clean the surface of the watch regularly. In general, you can wipe away the dust and dirt with soft fabric. While you are in cleaning, make sure water won’t seep inside the watch for it may cause some damages to the inside parts.

How to Maintain Your Gold Watch
If properly maintained, the appealing luster and tone of gold can endure the test of time and last forever. Gold neither goes out of fashion nor style. With the years, jewelers are going after gold for their designs and jewelry. The buyers and designers to have a never ending hunger for gold jewelry. It is simple understanding that gold is the softest metal and can easily tarnish, but it kept properly, it lasts an eternity. Due to this property, there has been an increased demand for gold watches.

To enhance the durability of your gold watch, other metals mixed during watch making. The metals used include silver and copper. You can still get a real gold watch but at a higher price. The buoyancy of a gold watch is determined using its karat value, which ranges from 10 karats to 24 karats. The real gold watches are superior when compared to watch made from other metals. Pure gold diamond watches are much more valuable as they constitute diamond and gold, which creates an explosive look.

To prevent your gold watch from getting dented or scratched, you must exercise some necessary and special precautions. You must remember not to keep your watch against any other gem or ornament. The friction between the two will most likely result in nicks and scratches. These watches are susceptible to scratching as they are usually put on over the wrist. Diamonds will deal any watches a bad one if kept together, this is because diamonds are very hard and often have sharp edges as a result of cutting. You should, therefore, find it of the essence to store your watch separately, preferably in a cushioned pouch. You also should avoid instances that may lead to scratches, if a situation proves to be rough enough, you can take out your watch and carry it in your pocket instead.

There is nothing as harmful to watches as chemicals. To ensure your watch lasts a lifetime, make sure you keep it as far as possible from any chemicals. Chlorine, in particular, can quickly eat away on the structure of gold. It is, therefore, important to take out your watch when going for swimming or too hot tubs. Remove your watch before going for the shower to avoid the soap residue, which contains a large amount of chlorine, from contacting your gold watch.


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