Digital vs. Analog Watches


When the digital era was suddenly upon us way back in the 70’s and 80’s digital watches flooded the market. Fascinatingly analog watches still held their own and still do so to this day. To some this may be puzzling because in most industries when the new arrives and is widely embraced, the old vanishes. Not so with analog watches. They have stubbornly refused to go away.

That can only mean that the analog watch still has a lot going for it many decades after the digital watch arrived. So, what’s better: digital or analog watches?

Why A Digital Watch?

The early digital watches used LED display technology. Because of the high power consumption they were designed to light up only when you pressed a button on the side. This changed with the arrival of LCD technology which meant that the correct time was constantly displayed. Today one of the things that digital watches have going for them is that a simple quick glance gives you the time as opposed to having to interpret an analog watch to establish the right time. This can sometimes be tricky when the hands of the clock are somewhere in the middle of two different digits.

Then there is the fact that digital watches are much less likely to break. The truth is that analog watches are delicate and there is plenty that can go wrong that will tend to make it much more likely for the person wearing an analog watch to seek help from a repair shop frequently.

But perhaps the most attractive aspect of digital watches is the numerous extra functions. These include an alarm clock to wake you up and keep you on top of things as you go through the hectic day that is modern living. You are also likely to have a calculator, stop watch and so on. Many of these features cannot be found on the analog watch.

Why Analog watches will remain with us for a long time

The face of the analog watch is beautiful. In fact many view it as a work of art. And that is one reason why top range watches are still analog many decades after the digital watch arrived. And there are absolutely no signs that the analog watch will disappear from our lives any time soon.

Then there is the issue of passage of time. With a digital watch you will have to do some calculations based on the numbers displayed. Not with the analog where you can immediately see precisely how many minutes have passed since you started whatever it is you are doing. Actually this older version of the watch gives a person much more awareness of time. Little wonder that many digital watches these days also have an analog version on the same face.

Although the digital watch obviously has a lot going for it, the truth is that the analog watch has not only stood the test of time but remains with us and refuses to go away when so many other innovations we know have swept the old away. That tells you that the analog watch really is exceptionally special.

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